Alpha Unmanned Systems, SL
STAND Nº: 11

Avenida Fuente Nueva 14, Nave 16A,
San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid), España


Alpha Unmanned Systems is a premier UAV manufacturer of the Alpha 800 and Alpha 900 gasoline-powered helicopter UAVs. Fully autonomous, both platforms take-off and land on moving vessels.

Built STANAG-compliant, the Alpha 900 is an excellent choice for maritime surveillance and can fly up to 4,5 hours and carry payloads up to 6 kgs.

Alpha’s systems are built to order and are distributed to firms and public agencies in more than 7 countries.Alpha Unmanned Systems offers reliable and versatile tactical helicopter UAVs (up to 25Kg MTOW) for ISTAR, Border Control, Mapping, Search and Rescue, Educational Purposes, and Urgent Logistics