UNVEX organizers have designed its seventh edition with a global vision of Drones.

The concept of remotely manned system or drone began to be developed in the aerial field with the so-called UAV or RPAS but today, although it maintains its supremacy, it is no longer the only domain. The emergence of land applications with UGVs and maritime applications with USVs and UUVs have made it a real market that requires its own industry.

This is the bet of UNVEX 2022. We propose a global vision because there are many technologies that come together and many opportunities to create a stable demand.


UNVEX 2022 intends to promote the market through three vectors that are essential:

  • The technology, the drone is a compendium of all the new technologies.
  • The professional demand, the design, and development of applications for professional users. Each of them with the appropriate regulations.
  • Investment is an aspect of enormous importance when it comes to making the market grow. We are witnessing the entry of large investors in this sector.


There are also three reasons for you and your company to participate in UNVEX 2022:

  • Knowledge. Hear top-level speakers and meet with users to learn about their goals and understand their needs.
  • Generate business opportunities. Present your solutions to users, convince them that this technology will help to achieve their goals, whether commercial, public service, or security and defense.
  • Bet on the future by discovering new business areas and opportunities to generate synergies with other companies.